My Story



The Early Days in Australia

After completing my education, I set out on my professional journey with an enthusiasm for interior design and architecture. I found my passion in shop fitting and interior fitouts, a world where I could blend creativity and precision. Starting as a technical drawer, I delved into the intricate art of bringing designs to life through detailed plans.


Climbing the Rungs of Success

As my skills evolved, I grasped opportunities that propelled me forward. My dedication and ability to manage projects effectively led me to assume the role of a project manager. Guiding teams, collaborating with clients, and delivering successful projects became my forte. Each success instilled in me the drive to reach higher.



The Production Management Phase

Eager for new challenges, I embraced the position of production manager. This phase of my journey taught me the importance of efficiency in manufacturing and material sourcing, ensuring every aspect of the project met the highest standards. As my expertise grew, so did the scope of my responsibilities.



Nurturing Dreams as a Junior Managing Director

My determination caught the attention of the company’s leadership, and I was honored with the role of junior managing director. In this capacity, I supported the business with strategic insights and creative problem-solving, contributing significantly to the company’s success. The Sydney region became a canvas of achievements with a plethora of successfully completed projects.


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A Move Across Continents

Life presented an unexpected turn, leading me to relocate to Germany for family reasons. Undeterred by the change, I saw it as an opportunity to further grow my career on an international level. Embracing a new language and culture, I continued to flourish in the shop fitting industry, building connections and expanding my horizons.



Project Manager in Europe

Starting afresh in Europe, I found myself immersed in diverse business landscapes. Determined to thrive, I stepped into the role of a project manager, navigating through cultural nuances with perseverance. My ability to forge strong partnerships and deliver outstanding results allowed me to make my mark in the European market.



Reaching the Pinnacle

My passion for excellence drove me forward, and over eight years, I climbed the ladder to become the head of projects in a successful middle-sized business. The challenges I faced and the lessons I learned throughout my journey played a vital role in my growth as a professional


The Realization of a Dream

From the early days of my career, the dream of working for myself burned brightly within me. With a strong network, vast experience, and expertise acquired over the years, the time had come to make my dream a reality. I took the leap of faith and founded my own shop fitting enterprise.



A Bright Future Ahead

As I look back on my journey from Australia to Europe, I am humbled by the obstacles I overcame and the achievements I celebrated. My passion for shop fitting and interior fitout continues to fuel my desire to push boundaries and innovate within the industry. With the unwavering support of my network, the valuable experience gained, and my expertise honed, I am confident in building a thriving business. The future holds endless possibilities, and I eagerly embrace the challenges that lie ahead on this path of passion and perseverance. Thank you for joining me on this incredible odyssey!


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