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What industries do I specialize in?

I had always deceide not to only engange in one particular area of interior fit-out industry, but rather to stay open to all areas and spaces within an inside environment, allowing me to gather a broard range of expereince and diversity, this perspective has given me the chance over the last 19 years to establish a very healthy and broad knowladge across a wide range of interior projects.

  • Resturants and hotels
  • Travel retail and high end retail
  • Public and commercial spaces like, banks, police stations, offices, hospitials
  • Universities and schools
  • Bespoke and exclusive projects
What benifits are envolved when engaging a project consultant?

Engaging a project consultant brings several benefits, including specialized expertise, objective insights, efficient project management, risk mitigation, and a focus on achieving measurable and strategic outcomes.

Why Brettschneider?

Engaging me as your consultant is a strategic decision backed by a wealth of international experience that spans diverse markets and cultural landscapes. My extensive network is not just a list of contacts but a testament to years of relationship-building and collaboration across industries. With a proven track record of successfully delivering projects of varying complexities, I bring a versatile skill set that adapts to your specific needs.Beyond expertise, my commitment to providing value is reflected in my cost-effective business structure. By maintaining low overheads, I can deliver high-quality services without inflating costs. This ensures that your investment translates directly into top-notch solutions tailored to your requirements. The result is not just a consultant-client relationship but a partnership geared towards achieving and surpassing your business objectives.

What is a typical Brettschneider project?

I understand that every project is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. I analyze each project carefully, considering its specific goals and challenges, to create a customized strategy aligned with your objectives. I work closely with stakeholders, conduct a thorough discovery phase, and use my expertise to develop a tailored process, ensuring flexibility and effective communication throughout the project. To explore how I can meet your specific needs, please contact me directly.

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