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NEWS/BLOGNEWS: 01.01.2024
Karl Brettschneider Launches Brettschneider project consulting and management After Two Decades of Global Shopfitting Expertise

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As a seasoned industry professional with a rich tapestry of international experience, I've recently taken a bold step in my career by founding my own consulting and management company. My journey over the past two decades has been nothing short of remarkable, taking me through 15 different countries where I've had the privilege of managing and successfully executing hundreds of projects on a global scale.

My career began in Australia, where I spent a significant ten years honing my skills and understanding the nuances of the shop fitting and fit-out industry. The next chapter of my career saw me moving to Germany, where I spent another decade expanding my horizons and deepening my insights into the European, Asian, and Arab markets. This unique blend of experiences, gained from direct involvement in various cultural and business environments, has shaped me into a formidable player in the global shop fitting and fit-out sector.

This extensive international journey, coupled with my project management expertise, has inspired me to take the entrepreneurial plunge and establish a consulting and management firm. My ambition is to infuse the industry with a wealth of knowledge and innovation, navigating the complexities of diverse markets with a clear vision. I aim to deliver unparalleled solutions and set new standards of excellence in shop fitting and fit-out services, leveraging my global perspective and experience to make a lasting impact.

NEWS 08.01.2024
Grand Opening: A New Era of Home-Based Consulting and Management for Interior Projects and Shopfitting
I'm thrilled to announce the completion and opening of my new home office business, a milestone that marks the beginning of a new chapter in my professional journey. This innovative venture is designed to redefine the way consulting and management services are delivered within the interior projects and shopfitting industry.
From the comfort of my specially designed home office, I am now able to conduct meetings, welcome clients into my meeting room, and offer all the essential services required to deliver a perfect job to my customers. This setup not only enhances the personal touch I bring to my work but also ensures that I can provide high-quality, efficient services in a comfortable and professional environment.

NEWS 25.01.2024

Embracing Marketing as a Solopreneur:
As a solopreneur and startup business owner, the journey of establishing and growing my brand has been both exhilarating and challenging. One of the most pivotal aspects of this journey has been taking the reins of marketing into my own hands. Today, I'm excited to share a glimpse into this adventure, specifically through the lens of the marketing materials I've created.
Navigating the world of marketing as a solopreneur means wearing multiple hats simultaneously. It's about being the strategist, the content creator, the designer, and the analyst, all rolled into one. The image I'm showcasing today is a testament to this multifaceted role. It represents not just the physical marketing materials that I've painstakingly designed but symbolizes the essence of my brand and the message I wish to convey to my audience.

NEWS 27.01.2024
Launching My First Local Ad

I'm excited to announce a big step for my business — our debut local advertisement in the newspaper! This move isn't just about gaining visibility; it's a personal commitment to connect with our community in a meaningful way.
This ad is more than just promotion; it's a declaration of our dedication to offer unparalleled service. I've always believed in the power of personal connections and understanding our clients' unique needs. What better way to reach out than through our local newspaper, a trusted presence in our homes?